15 Mother’s Day Kids’ Crafts to Make Mom Smile

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Aw, Mother’s Day! A day that is meant to be filled with love, hugs, breakfast in bed and letting mom take a break!

OK, so not every Mother’s Day turns out that way, but one thing they do have in common is kids wanting to show their love for their mommy.

One easy way for your kids to show their love, is through a home-made craft. And let’s be honest… those are the nicest presents to receive anyway!

15 Mother's Day Crafts for Kids - Mom will love these easy crafts for everyone from preschoolers, to teens! Simple crafts that can be made at home or at school. Perfect for Grandma too!

Mother’s Day Kids’ Craft Ideas

So to help you out, I’ve found 15 of the easiest (and cutest) Mother’s Day kids’ craft ideas.

These are all simple to make and don’t require special supplies.

So if you are a mom, then forward this post onto your significant other, to give them a not-so-subtle hint!

These crafts are also great for the other women in your child’s life – Grandma, Aunts, cousins, teachers, neighbors… well, you get the idea!

15 Mother's Day Kids' Crafts to Make Mom Smile!

Here they are! 15 wonderful and simple Mother's Day kids' craft ideas that will make mom happy... and the kids too!


FREE Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Page & Card

Photo Credit: www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com

This is a nice simple one to start with - a free printable Mother's Day card. Children of all ages will enjoy coloring this card to make their mom feel special on her special day.

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DIY Mother’s Day Scented Candle

Photo Credit: www.savingyoudinero.com

This Mother's Day kids' craft idea is very easy to make, but mom will be very impressed! A DIY decorated scented candle is a perfect gift of mom or grandma!

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How To Make a Fabric Tray

Photo Credit: swoodsonsays.com

I love the idea of these simple fabric trays. It will teach kids useful sewing skills too! Younger children will need help with this, but older children or teens could manage this on their own. What a wonderful (and useful) gift!

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Mother's Day Card ideas with Templates

Photo Credit: conservamome.com

More Mother's Day card ideas! These ones have a cute pineapple or sloth design that is guaranteed to make any mom (or grandma!) smile.

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All About My Mommy Interview with FREE Printable!

Photo Credit: www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com

This is a great idea for pre-schools or classrooms! A simple printable that children can fill in with all their favorite things about their mom. What would your kids say you are "good at...."?!

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Mother’s Day Serving Tray with Kid’s Handprints

Photo Credit: www.makingmanzanita.com

All my favorite kids' crafts involve handprints! It's so wonderful to look back on them over the years and see how much your children have grown. Their hands don't stay little forever!

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Homemade Mother’s Day Tea Towels

Photo Credit: fivemarigolds.com

This is another beautiful and useful gift for mom on Mother's Day. It is so simple to make an enduring and practical gift for that special lady in your child's life.

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Kid Made Jewelry Dishes Mother’s Day Craft

Photo Credit: www.projectswithkids.com

These jewelry dishes are so pretty and the colors and patterns can be picked to match mom's bedroom decor! These trays don't just have to be for jewelry, there's so many uses for them.

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Kid Made Hand Embroidered Mother’s Day Gift

Photo Credit: swoodsonsays.com

What a great way for kids to some their love and also learn to sew? These cute embroidering hoop pictures are such a great Mother's Day craft!

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How to Make DIY Mojito Bath Salts

Photo Credit: www.momadvice.com

Ohhhh... all mom's need to relax and treat themselves sometimes. So this might be my most favorite Mother's Day gift idea! Mojito scented bath salts... need I say more?!

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How to Make a Pom-Pom Flower Bouquet

Photo Credit: www.momadvice.com

I remember the fun of making pom-poms as a child! I can't wait to try this craft with my own children for Mother's Day! Must nicer than a fresh bunch of flowers that will eventually fade and die!

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How To Make A Puzzle Piece Brooch – Mother's Day Gift Kids Craft

Photo Credit: www.rockabyeparents.com

This is such a simple craft, but kids will love to make something that their mom can wear. It's easy to find jig-saw puzzles in thrift stores, so this is a thrifty gift too.

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Handmade "Things I Love About You" Book

Photo Credit: www.thestatenislandfamily.com

I love presents that let kids express how much they really care for their mom! This is such a cute idea and will give the kids 52 chances to tell mom why she is so special!

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DIY Stepping Stones

Photo Credit: sustainmycrafthabit.com

I love the idea of these dated stepping stones. You can make a new one every year and over time you could build a wonderful garden path! What a great Mother's Day gift idea!

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Mother’s Day Frame DIY Washi Tape

Photo Credit: www.janinehuldie.com

Washi tape is so popular right now and kids love to play with it! So why not pick out some colorful tapes and use them to make this simple Mother's Day frame? You could frame a quote or a photo - you're choice!

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I hope you like these ideas! I also hope that you get your ideal Mother’s Day! For me, that would be sleeping late and someone else doing the laundry! We’ll see if that happens…!

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