15 Mother’s Day Kids’ Crafts to Make Mom Smile

Aw, Mother’s Day! A day that is meant to be filled with love, hugs, breakfast in bed and letting mom take a break!

OK, so not every Mother’s Day turns out that way, but one thing they do have in common is kids wanting to show their love for their mommy.

One easy way for your kids to show their love, is through a home-made craft. And let’s be honest… those are the nicest presents to receive anyway!

15 Mother's Day Crafts for Kids - Mom will love these easy crafts for everyone from preschoolers, to teens! Simple crafts that can be made at home or at school. Perfect for Grandma too!

Mother’s Day Kids’ Craft Ideas

So to help you out, I’ve found 15 of the easiest (and cutest) Mother’s Day kids’ craft ideas.

These are all simple to make and don’t require special supplies.

So if you are a mom, then forward this post onto your significant other, to give them a not-so-subtle hint!

These crafts are also great for the other women in your child’s life – Grandma, Aunts, cousins, teachers, neighbors… well, you get the idea!

15 Mother's Day Kids' Crafts to Make Mom Smile!

Here they are! 15 wonderful and simple Mother's Day kids' craft ideas that will make mom happy... and the kids too!

I hope you like these ideas! I also hope that you get your ideal Mother’s Day! For me, that would be sleeping late and someone else doing the laundry! We’ll see if that happens…!