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Balanced Life Quiz

Take this quiz and find out which areas of your life are out of balance.

PLUS when you finish the quiz you will get a FREE BALANCED LIFE PRINTABLE to help you track your progress towards a balanced life.

Find out how to use this quiz and the balanced life printable as part of your Self Reflection Day – Self Reflection Day to Find Your Focus.

Welcome to our Balanced Life Quiz

The quiz has 45 questions, covering 8 different topics:

Finances - Health - Friendships - Home

Mental Health - Family - Career & Education - Spirituality

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You will also receive FREE access to our Balanced Life Circle printable.

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I feel I can keep up with the chores and maintenance of my home
I spend time exploring my personal faith to strengthen it
My children are happy and content most of the time
I make time to see or talk to my friends regularly
I feel safe and secure in my home
I am happy with my weight
I have fun and laugh daily with my family and/or friends
I take time to look after myself
My body is aging well
I am inspired by the world around me to be a better person
I have a strong sense of purpose in my life
I regularly take time to connect with my personal faith
I don’t feel overwhelmed and feel like I have enough time to accomplish all my tasks
I have enough money to enjoy my free time and do things I want to do
I mostly eat food that nourishes my body
Everyone in my home regularly helps with household chores (kids, partner, room-mates etc.)

I am passionate about my work (paid or upaid) and look forward to the work

I have a retirement account and contribute to it regularly
I often spend time helping others
I have an emergency fund with enough money to cover at least 3 months expenses
I get regular exercise that I enjoy
My home is tidy and organized most of the time
I regularly use relaxation techniques to reduce stress in my life
I have a close relationship with my family (partner, parents, siblings etc.)
I have a friend (or friends) that I can confide in about my problems
I can rely on my family to support my decisions
I want a stress-free life
I don’t feel embarrassed by my home if someone shows up unexpectedly
Although I might get upset sometimes I don’t let my emotions control me
I have close friends who I can rely on and they can rely on me
I feel that my home reflects my personality
I have good relationships with my work colleagues or peopleI interact with
I feel that my life is balanced

I have clear career goals and I know how I’m going to achieve them

I feel at peace with decisions I have made in the past
I have a monthly budget that I find easy to stick to
My partner and I are satisfied with the amount of intimacy in our relationship
I feel good about myself and have confidence in myself

I spend time expanding my knowledge on different subjects

I remember my friends’ birthdays and enjoy celebrating with them

I feel I am reaching my full potential

I don’t normally lose things like my keys, cell phone or purse
My income each month is higher than my outgoings
My health is important to me

I feel like I have accomplished something at the end of the day

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Self-Care Assessment Quiz

This Self-Care Assessment Quiz will help you identify which areas of your self-care routines need more attention.

PLUS when you finish get a FREE SELF-CARE WORKSHEET to plan your new self-care routines to take better care of yourself.

Welcome to our Self-Care Assessment Quiz

The quiz has 60 questions, covering 6 different topics:

Mind - Relationships - Emotions - Body - Spirituality - Work

At the end of the quiz, you will be asked for your email address so we can send you your results.

You will also receive FREE access to our Self-Care Worksheet printable.

This printable will help you examine your current self-care routines and plan new ones.

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Take day trips or mini-vacations
Get enough sleep
Eat regularly (e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Write in a journal regularly

Use positive affirmations to praise myself

Stay in contact with important people in my life
Schedule regular dates with my partner
Make quiet time to complete tasks
Keep a gratitude journal
Allow others to do things for me
Get medical care when needed
Eat healthily
Regularly dance, swim, walk, play a sport, sing or other fun physical activity
Love myself
Have a peer support group
Find a spiritual connection or community
Take time off and rest when sick
Set limits with clients, colleagues, and friends
Ask for feedback from superiors and peers
Take breaks or vacations
Allow myself to cry
Listen to my thoughts, feelings, attitudes etc.
Take time to be intimate with partner and/or myself
Read inspirational book or listen to inspirational music or podcasts
Be aware of the non-material aspects of my life
Stay in contact with long distance friends (more than just through Facebook)
Intentionally minimize stress in my life
Make time to see friends
Take a break during the workday (e.g. lunch)
Experience new things (e.g. go to an art show, a sporting event or theatre)
Call, check on or see my relatives
Ask for help when I need it
Be curious and seek enrichment in life
Take time to chat with co-workers and friends
Pray or meditate regularly
Make time for self-reflection
Spend time with others whose company I enjoy
Read books that are unrelated to work
Be open to not knowing
Sharing my hopes, fears or secrets with someone I love
Schedule regular activities with my children
Contribute to causes in which I believe
Find things that make me laugh
Enlarge my social circle
Get regular medical care for prevention (e.g. annual wellness check-ups)
Identify what is meaningful in my life

Identify tasks or projects that are interesting and exciting to me

Re-read favorite books or re-watch favorite movies
Identify comforting activities, places, people and seek them out
Balance my workload so that I don't get overwhelmed on some days
Take breaks from cellphones, email and the internet
Spend time in nature
Arrange workspace so it is comfortable and comforting
Be open to inspiration
Make time for reflection
Negotiate for my needs (e.g. benefits, pay raise etc.)
Spend time with my pets
Set boundaries and say no extra responsibilities sometimes
Tell my loved ones that I care for them

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