9 Fun Winter Activities For Kids When You Are Snowed In

Winter can be a wonderful time of year, but it also means that most of the days are spent indoors without much to do. It’s easy for children to get bored and irritable, which leads to numerous meltdowns and rants. Cabin fever is a distinct possibility, but parents can take steps to avoid it by getting things prepared ahead of time for the winter months. There are plenty of winter activities for kids that parents can prepare ahead of time to stave off the winter blues and help children stay entertained.

These are some ideas that you can try when you are snowed in:

1. Embrace the Snow

You might be stuck at home because of the snow, but why not embrace your snowy solitude and get outside and have fun in the snow. This winter activity for kids might be a little more difficult if you live in an area where it snows very frequently and accumulates fast. When the snow is too deep, sometimes you might need to get creative and try sledding down hills or building snowmen indoors. If your kids can’t go outside, then enjoy winter activities from inside your home.

happy little girls in winter clothes making snow angels outdoors

2. Enjoy winter sports indoors

Snow days can be used to do winter activities that don’t necessarily involve getting outside and playing in the snow. Try winter sports indoors instead of outside. This winter activity for kids can really help you get your children’s wiggles out and keep them entertained without the need to go outdoors. If it snows, these winter activities are even better because it gives children an extra reason to get out of the house.

3. Make winter treats

When winter comes, winter treats are just around the corner. Enjoy winter activities with your children by making winter treats together. Make some yummy winter snacks that kids will love, like peppermint bark or hot cocoa in a mug with whipped cream on top. There is nothing more fun than winter treats when you are in the mood for winter activities indoors with your kids.

Hot coco was a winter treat during winter break

4. Enjoy winter activities with board games and card games

Winter activities for children don’t always need to be grand and extravagant. Sometimes winter activities can be done quite simply, like playing a board game or card game indoors due to winter weather conditions. Board games are great winter activities because they encourage social interaction between family members, which can be difficult in winter conditions when it’s hard to see people outdoors.

5. Get crafty with winter activities

If there is too much winter weather outside for you to enjoy winter activities, then head inside and get creative with winter activities that will keep children occupied for hours on end. There are many winter activities for kids that can be done with craft supplies, like resin holiday ornaments. Other winter activities that children will enjoy might include winter drawings, Christmas tree ornaments, pop-up cards, and more.

Resin snow ornaments - great winter activity with kids

6. Make a snow day indoor picnic

Picnics are not just for sunny days, as you can enjoy one indoors with the kids. Get creative and combine all your favorite winter treats. Making some hot chocolate will undoubtedly make everyone feel better. As a snack, try creating snowman marshmallows. Place a big marshmallow on a cookie and decorate with chocolate chips, pretzels, candies, and sprinkles. Once you are done, place them in the microwave for a short time to make your snowmen ‘melt’!

Fun winter activities with kids include making melted snowman cookies

7. Have a mini-spa day

During snow days, the entire family may delight in a day of pampering and well-being. Prepare foot soaks with Epsom salt and aromatic oils (lavender and peppermint are nice options) for each person to add to a basin with warm water to soak their feet in. Mani-pedis for the girls are also fun winter activities that can be done during winter vacation.

8. Go Indoor Camping

Make a fort inside the house next to the fire. Fill it with cushions and blankets and make it as comfortable as possible. Watch a movie together, tell stories or read a book with your kids. Bring some food into the fort for snacks or maybe sleep there overnight and really camp out.

Cute little girl laughing while sitting in a blanket fort with her mother on their living room floor doing a winter activities for kids

9. Create a treasure hunt

Make it a day of adventure and creativity by staging a treasure hunt. Place several items around the home and provide instructions on where to look for them on a piece of paper. Your kids could work as a team to solve it or compete against each other for a price!

Make a map for the children to follow and explore. Add riddles or problems that they must solve in order to continue on with the treasure hunt. It’s a surefire hit with the kids, who will be thrilled to be snowed in.

Treasure hunt as a winter activity

Enjoy Your Winter Break with Winter Activities For Kids

There are so many winter activities for kids to do during winter vacations or when you are snowed in. You might need to try and plan ahead by thinking of winter activities months before winter begins, but that can be fun too! Get the whole family involved in planning so activities.

Have winter activities planned out ahead of time, but don’t be afraid to get creative. The winter will pass quickly and before you know it, winter break will end. Make this winter special by enjoying the fun winter activities for kids that are available during your snowed-in days!