25 Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

I feel like breaking into a chorus of “O, Christmas Tree”, but I’ll spare you my singing (yes… even over the internet, you’ll be able to hear my out of tone voice!). But this is my way of saying how excited I am to write this post!

Below you will find 25 Christmas ornament crafts for kids! These ornament ideas are perfect winter activities for kids of all ages. Younger children and preschoolers might need help with some of them, but older kids will able to do most of these with little or no help.

There’s such an array of ornament crafts to pick from, and I have chosen a variety of types that use lots of different materials and techniques.

A Kid’s Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my favorite holiday activities. We normally do it after Thanksgiving on the Saturday or Sunday. We actually have 3 trees! My main living room tree, a smaller one in our front window and then a fun kids tree!

Over the years my kids have created so many different ornaments that our main tree was just getting too full. So we decided to buy a smaller tree, decorate it with fun, bright-colored baubles and use it to display all my kids’ homemade ornaments.

25 DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids!

We have made a lot of the ornament projects below, but there are a few which we are really excited to try out this year.

As a massive Lego fan, I can’t wait to try the Lego ornament ideas… just need to make sure I have the pieces! The galaxy STEM balls are intriguing and look like a lot of fun to make (after all, I love all things galaxy!).

But I am probably most looking forward to making some pomanders, as I have been making them every year since I was a child! It’s just a simple orange with ribbon wrapped around it. You then stick whole cloves into the orange (in any pattern you want). The whole thing just smells wonderful and just the thought of them makes me feel very festive!

There are so many different ideas below (just scroll down!). They are perfect to make at home, at school or at a party with friends.

Holiday Classroom Parties

Finding craft projects for school classroom Holiday parties can be a real challenge. It needs to be non-denominational, easy to assemble, cheap to make, but create a nice keepsake that the child and family will love! Not much to ask for!

Most of these Christmas ornament crafts would be perfect for classroom Holiday parties. There are some very simple but effective projects that kids will love to make and their parents’ will love to receive!

Holiday Ornament Crafts

Let’s get festive and take a look at these adorable and easy Christmas ornament crafts which are just perfect for any kid in your life (or adults too!).