The Best Pet Planner & Bullet Journal Ideas

We love our pets – we love playing with them, cuddling them, and caring for them. But one part of pet ownership that isn’t as much fun is keeping track of all their needs. That’s where a Pet Planner comes in!

We have some much paperwork in our day to day lives – bills, letters, forms – that it’s easy to lose track of the important information you need for your pet.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, cat, or something smaller, you need to find a way to keep your pet paperwork organized!

If the worst were to happen, and your baby got sick in the middle of the night, would you know where their vet records were to take to the Animal Emergency Room? Would you be able to tell the clinic when they had their last heart-worm tablet? 

With 4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 tortoises, 2 rabbits, and 2 hamsters I get VERY confused about all their needs. I used to have a pile of paperwork and it would get very confusing. Trying to find the right rabies certificate to take a dog to the groomers, or finding the microchip number would take me ages!

So now I use a pet planner to keep everything together and organized! Makes life SOOOOO much less stressful!

Pet Planner Set Ups

There’s a lot of different ways you could organize your pet paperwork and records. Here are some ideas:

  • 3-ring binder with a selection for each animal or their needs
  • Bullet Journal 
  • Hanging file in a filing cabinet
  • Accordion file

Which method you pick will depend on your needs, the number of pets, and time.

I’m a BIG fan of bullet journals for tracking all aspects of my life, so that’s my method of choice.

Create a pet planner in your bullet journal

Want to find out more about Bullet Journals? Check out my Beginners Guide to Bullet Journals.

Bullet Journal Pet Pages

Below are some of the best pet tracker and pet care bullet journal pages from around the internet.

Check them out and use them for ideas for your own pages and spreads.

This is a great pet tracker for your basic pet care needs and chores. You just fill in the tracker on the days that you perform the different tasks.

I like this idea because it contains all the vital information in one place in a pet planner. Perfect for leaving with your pet sitter when you go away!

When you have a new dog or a dog recovering from illness, it’s useful to track their daily health, food, drinking, and more. This is such a useful outlay idea!

How about this adorable and colorful tracker for small pets? Cleaning out pet cages and fish tanks is an important task, but it often gets forgotten about. So tracking it in your bullet journal is a great idea!

Walking my dogs is part of my everyday routine, but before it became routine I was always forgetting. A bullet journal spread that tracks pup walks would have really helped!

This is a simple pet planner page is easy to use and quick to refer to. This would be a really useful quick reference page.

This is a useful page for looking after your beta fish! Like all pets, fish had routine care needs so making sure you keep on top of them is very important.

I love colorful bullet journal spreads, so this one really appeals to me! What a great (and colorful!) way to keep track of all your bunny needs in your pet planner.

If you own a dog, you will know that it takes time to train a new trick. Sometimes you have to practice the same trick again and again and again! I also love that it tracks how long it takes for your dog to master a particular trick. Very useful!

When you have a lot of pets, just keeping track of their birthdays and adoption dates is tough. This page is the perfect place to record all their special days.

Get Organized!

Using these ideas will help you stay organized and take better care of your pet. 

Hopefully, you find these pet planner ideas useful and can use them to take better care of your furry (and feathered and finned!) friends.