Ultimate Best Time to Buy Anything Guide

Best Time to BuyWho doesn’t like a sale? Sales are great because you get to save money but they always seem to come at the wrong time.  It seems like when you need to buy something is exactly when it isn’t on sale.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you could plan way ahead of buying certain things that you would need later? This is a guide to the best time to buy anything throughout the year.

Buying Christmas lights and decorations around Christmas is probably the worst time to buy them. The same thing applies to other seasonal items.

Did you know you can save a crazy amount of money if you wait around and buy things at the right time? People wait all year for Black Friday before getting a new TV and for good reason.

If you know you can save money then you might as well try to save it.

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This post will provide you with a guide on when is the best time to buy specific items.

The Best Time to Buy Guide

Sometimes it makes sense to buy things 6 months before you need them and other times you should buy them right before the event.

It all depends on the items and it can be hard to keep track.

This guide will help make your purchasing decisions a bit easier along with helping you plan accordingly for the future.

Best Time To Buy Guide


  • Linens
  • Chips, dip and other “football” food
  • Christmas cards and decorations
  • Winter clothing
  • Furniture

Time to load up on fresh sheets and linens as stores hold their White sales.

With the Super Bowl happening either in January or February, depending on the year, this might also be the time to stock up on the chips and dips.

And don’t forget this is probably the best time to start buying Christmas cards and decorations. This seems crazy as Christmas is 11 months away but best to get it out of the way now at a cheaper price (normally 70-90% off) then scramble later.

Obviously, you might have to do a bit of searching but there are stores that will still have their holiday items out and trying to push them out the door.

Best Time To Buy Guide


  • Valentine’s Day gifts (after Valentine’s Day!)
  • Winter coats and clothing
  • Televisions

It might be too late to get warm with Winter time ending but now is a great time to buy Winter coats and clothing so you’ll be ready for next Winter.

Ignore buying stuff befor Valentine’s Day. The stores know you’re desperate and will overpay. Instead, wait till after Valentine’s Day and get perfume gift sets and candy (mmmmmm, candy) at reduced prices.

Nothing wrong with preparing a year ahead of time for that special someone in the future.

Televisions and other electronics sometimes go on sale during February because of the Super Bowl. It’s worth looking now so you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving!

Best Time To Buy Guide


  • Cellphones and tablets
  • Luggage
  • Gas grills
  • Air Conditioners

Did you know that March is the best time of year to buy small electronics?


Because it’s also the month when a lot of the new versions come out meaning companies need to offload the old stuff. You might not have noticed because all of the hype is about the latest and greatest but with how awesome technology is today, the old stuff is almost just as good.

If that’s okay with you then expect heavy discounts on year-old technology.

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Dishes, Cookware & household items
  • Easter decorations and candy (after Easter)
  • Cruises

Wedding season is fast approaching meaning items usually reserved for wedding gifts will go on sale as well.

You don’t have to go to a wedding to benefit from wedding prices.

If Easter decorations are your thing then wait until after Easter is over to jump on the awesome sales on candy (mmmm more candy) and baskets.

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Resale items (Craigslist, garage sales, etc.)
  • Home maintenance (paint, wood, etc.)
  • Margarita mix, chips, salsa, etc.

Depending on where you live now might be when garage sales start to pop up and people are looking to offload a ton of items.

If you find the right sale you can discover some absolute bargains.

This is also a great time to look through Craigslist too if it is available in your area.

A lot of home improvement stores will also have a lot of sales in May as people are looking to start working on their homes after the winter.

With Cinco de Mayo occurring early in the month now is the time to get great deals on drink mixes (margaritas baby!), tortillas, salsa, peppers, and chips.

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Father’s Day gifts
  • Furniture

Once Father’s Day passes you can look at ties, tool sets, boxed aftershave sets, and greeting cards.

Some furniture stores will extend their Memorial Day sales into June, so it’s worth looking for those.

Beyond that, not much happens in June. It’s like the retailers completely forgot about it.

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Soda, hot dogs or anything for your July 4th cookout
  • Christmas decoration (Christmas in July promotions)
  • Amazon Prime Day
  • Summer clothing

If you love soda and condiments then this is your month. 4th of July brings heavy discounts on soda, burger fixings, condiments, and utensils.

Another great thing about July is that this is a time when almost all stores decide to have major sales.

Christmas in July where they try to unload inventory to make way for the new stuff.

As Summer is winding down it’s also a good time to be on the lookout for swimsuits and other summer wear.

If you’re an Amazon fan then keep an eye out for Amazon Prime Day. It’s a crazy day on Amazon where thousands of items go on sale at really low prices. It’s like having Black Friday in July!

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • School supplies
  • Summer clothing
  • Kids clothing
  • Outdoor toys
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Gas grills

Say bye-bye to Summer goods.

Summer clearance sales are happening all over.

Flip-flops, sunscreen, pool toys, grills, patio furniture and anything else related to Summertime.

School is about to start as well so you can find great deals on back to school supplies. Find out if your state offers a Sales Tax-Free weekend for school supplies, so you can save even more!

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Clearance school supplies
  • Labor Day sales
  • Lawnmowers
  • Appliances
  • Cars

Summer deals on school supplies are great. September clearance sales can be even better.

This is also the time to keep an eye out for Labor Day sales. Most big retailers will be doing some sort of end of summer promotions. Look at indoor and outdoor furniture, home improvement, clothing, toys.

September is the best time to buy cars too. Not only do the dealerships have Labor Day sales, but they are also looking at getting rid of last year models as the new ones start rolling in. You could save considerably by getting a 2018 model instead of a 2019 model.

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Appliances
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Wedding supplies

October is a weird month.

Home appliances usually go on sale during this month as manufacturers begin to introduce brand new models (ready for the holidays).

Beyond that, not much is happening because retailers are preparing for the two biggest sales months of the year…

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Halloween decorations and candy
  • Black Friday – appliances, electronics, gifts, toys, clothing…. everything!

Another month for you to stock up on that terrible candy!

If you don’t mind your Halloween costumes and decorations being a year old then this is also a good time to pick them up. Check out Halloween stores on November 1st for deep discounts.

Of course, with November comes the biggest sales day of the year, Black Friday.

Black Friday is then followed by Cyber Monday. Although, the Black Friday sales now often start on the Tuesday or Wednesday BEFORE Thanksgiving!

There are just too many deals to list in this space during this 4-day span but it’s always a good idea to have a nest egg prepared. 

Best Time to Buy Guide


  • Christmas Trees
  • Toys
  • Groceries after Thanksgiving
  • Champagne

Look for discounted grocery items after Thanksgiving and look for discounted holiday decorations right after Christmas.

Also watch out in late December (but before Christmas) as some stores put their Christmas decorations on clearance BEFORE Christmas, especially Christmas trees.

Toys are often on sale, but watch out for the latest “fad” toys, as they will be marked up.

Planning Ahead Is Key

As you can see there is something to keep an eye out for every single month and knowing the best time to buy is key to big savings.

If you want to save money you have to prepare or else you will be paying premium prices at the wrong times.

All it takes is some planning. Of course, not everybody will want to wait a year to get awesome items and that’s understandable.

But if there are some things you only find yourself buying once or twice a year (like holiday cards) then it might be wise to stock up on them when the sales appear.

Ultimate Best Time to Buy Guide | When to buy things to get the biggest discount and SAVE MONEY! Appliances, cars, furniture, clothes, mattresses and more... EVERYTHING! Ultimate Best Time to Buy Guide | When to buy things to get the biggest discount and SAVE MONEY! Appliances, cars, furniture, clothes, mattresses and more... EVERYTHING!