Cleaning Personality

Welcome to your Cleaning Personality

Take the quiz to find out what sort of housekeeper you are!

Do you make Martha Stewart jealous? Or have you still got to find your cleaning groove?

Answer these questions honestly and find out if you are a Cleaning Diva or in need of some Clutter Rehab!

1. Tell me about your kitchen sink?
2. It’s Sunday afternoon. What are you doing?
3. When you open your refrigerator, what do you see?
4. How often do you clean your bathroom?
5. Your friend just called and wants to come over in a couple of hours. What do you do?
6. Tell me about the dust in your house.
7. How proud are you of your home?
8. When was the last time you cleaned your baseboard?
9. If a toddler dropped a cracker on your floor and then picked it up and started to eat it, what would you do?
10. How often do you make your bed?

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