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The quiz has 45 questions, covering 8 different topics:

Finances - Health - Friendships - Home

Mental Health - Family - Career & Education - Spirituality

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My partner and I are satisfied with the amount of intimacy in our relationship
My income each month is higher than my outgoings
I have a friend (or friends) that I can confide in about my problems

I spend time expanding my knowledge on different subjects

I feel safe and secure in my home
I want a stress-free life
I don’t normally lose things like my keys, cell phone or purse
My health is important to me
I get regular exercise that I enjoy
Although I might get upset sometimes I don’t let my emotions control me
I have a retirement account and contribute to it regularly
I make time to see or talk to my friends regularly
I remember my friends’ birthdays and enjoy celebrating with them
I have an emergency fund with enough money to cover at least 3 months expenses
I spend time exploring my personal faith to strengthen it
I have a monthly budget that I find easy to stick to
I have good relationships with my work colleagues or peopleI interact with
Everyone in my home regularly helps with household chores (kids, partner, room-mates etc.)
I am inspired by the world around me to be a better person
I take time to look after myself
I feel at peace with decisions I have made in the past
I can rely on my family to support my decisions
My children are happy and content most of the time
My home is tidy and organized most of the time

I am passionate about my work (paid or upaid) and look forward to the work

I feel like I have accomplished something at the end of the day

I don’t feel overwhelmed and feel like I have enough time to accomplish all my tasks
My body is aging well
I regularly use relaxation techniques to reduce stress in my life
I have close friends who I can rely on and they can rely on me

I have clear career goals and I know how I’m going to achieve them

I feel I can keep up with the chores and maintenance of my home
I have fun and laugh daily with my family and/or friends
I have a close relationship with my family (partner, parents, siblings etc.)
I mostly eat food that nourishes my body
I have enough money to enjoy my free time and do things I want to do
I feel that my home reflects my personality

I feel I am reaching my full potential

I feel good about myself and have confidence in myself
I feel that my life is balanced
I don’t feel embarrassed by my home if someone shows up unexpectedly
I often spend time helping others
I am happy with my weight
I have a strong sense of purpose in my life
I regularly take time to connect with my personal faith

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    • You can do this!!! As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. Success is all about mindset!


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