Last Day of School Signs… Covid Style

The last day of school is an exciting time for any kid. But this year it’s an even BIGGER deal! Just because school has going to be a little different, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in the normal way… with a last day of school photo!

Last day of school photos (complete with a printable sign!) is a great way to record your little one’s progress through school. Every year you can look back and see how much they have grown!

I designed these special last day of school signs for what is quite possibly the weirdest school year ever!

Maybe your child is finishing a crazy year of in-person school? Or maybe it’s was a year of virtual school… Covid style?

Whatever your situation, you’ll love these ‘Last Day of School… Covid Style’ signs, as they not only mark the end of the school year, but they also record their age, what they want to be when they grown up and what they are most excited about for the summer.

What a great way to celebrate these changing times!

Signs available for Pre-K through 5th grade.

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