10 Stunning Large Potted Plants for Your Home

Large houseplants are simply stunning in any home. Some people seem to have a natural green thumb to grow gorgeous large potted plants. I am not one of those people. Thankfully, I discovered some large indoor plants that have grown into healthy, tall indoor plants.

Tall Houseplants Equal More Drama! 

Everyone likely has that corner in nearly every room in their home that “needs a little something.” Skip the “little something” and choose a large potted plant to add drama to any room. Large houseplants provide the opportunity to express style and personality and give a stunning focal point to any room.  

Most people have likely heard that plants are beneficial to the environment or to the home. So, I get the benefit of the drama that allows me to show my wonderful fun side and great personality, while also getting health benefits. 

We can go to those exotic places that we may never see by introducing large potted plants into the home. Turn the outside patio or deck into an exotic oasis by choosing the ideal plants that can also be placed outdoors in warmer weather.  

I enjoy impressing people with my well-cared for large potted plants. I cannot go to exotic places, but I can certainly bring a touch of the exotic and unusual into my home with my tall houseplants. 

Picking the Right Location for Your Large Potted Plant 

Picking the right location for your tall houseplant is important to the health of the plant. This is true whether you have a philodendron, a large palm, or another type of tall indoor plant.  

One important point that we should always remember is to check the care instructions. Many taller plants grow best in certain temperature ranges. There are low-light houseplants that prefer to be out of the sun, while others prefer bright, natural light. Although several tall houseplants can be placed outside in warmer weather, make sure that you only place them on the patio, the balcony, or the deck if they can thrive there. 

If you’re not sure about your plant parenting abilities, then you might want to stick with hard-to-kill houseplants to start with and then graduate up to larger plants.

Best Large Houseplants for Any Home 

I discovered that I can successfully grow large potted plants, and so you can likely discover the perfect plant for your home. Remember, science shows that caring for plants is therapeutic. One study even showed that having plants increases productivity.

There’s also plenty of plants that relieve stress. So you might want to make a tall indoor plant purchase for the office, as well as for the home. Are you the boss or office supervisor? Purchase a few tall indoor plants and see if the stress goes down and the productivity goes up on the job. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Fiddle Leaf Fig - Large potted houseplant

This is a very popular plant for any home right now. The fiddle leaf-shaped leaves certainly make a statement in any room.

It is primarily native to West Africa, and has grown there for centuries. If you are like me and will probably never get a chance to go there, consider the fiddle leaf fig as a great tall houseplant. 

Fiddle leaf fig plants like to stay in one spot. Choose a window that gets bright natural light and it will be happy. Make sure you give it an occasional turn, but try not to move it around the room. This keeps it straight and prevents it from leaning towards the light. Be sure to choose a well-draining potting medium, and water once the soil is dry.  

Fishtail Palm 

Fishtail palm indoors

I like tall plants with unusual features, and the fishtail palm certainly fits that description. Do you have a space to showcase a large potted plant that can grow several feet high?

The plant provides the perfect setting for a tropical getaway inside the home. The swirled layers of ruffled, fishtail-like fronds are very attractive when the large plant receives the bright light that is necessary for it to grow indoors.  

Although it is a relatively slow-growing plant, it still needs a gentle supply of water. Consider adding a porous draining material to your general-purpose potting mix. Be careful not to over-water or the result will be a dead houseplant. Remember to fertilize for a healthier fishtail palm. 

Corn Plant 

Corn plant houseplant

I needed an easy plant that I thought I could not kill with my former inability to grow plants. The corn plant gave me back my plant confidence. It is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. It also cleans indoor air of toxins. 

It is related to the lucky bamboo plant, with beautiful two-toned, long leaves growing on a thick trunk. I found it to be the perfect plant to place in an area that does not have the room necessary to grow some of the more-sprawling large indoor houseplants. They are tall, yet narrow, and grow best in areas that are bright, yet protected from direct sunlight.  

Water evenly during the growing season and cut back in the fall. It is best to use distilled water.  

Ponytail Palm 

Ponytail palm as an indoor plant

The ponytail palm, native to Mexico, now graces many homes with its beauty. The plant is easy to grow, which is a feature that I love, along with its ability to go for a couple of weeks without water. Do not neglect watering it though, or it may dry out too much. Fertilize in spring with a cacti/succulent fertilizer. 

Ponytail palms can grow several feet high indoors, and up to 15 feet or more when grown outdoors. So it makes them perfect large potted plants for your home.

Umbrella Plant 

Umbrella plant or schefflera

The umbrella plant is also known as the schefflera plant. It produces long, oval leaves that look like umbrellas. The foliage looks great in any room where the temperature is kept at a minimum of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some varieties of umbrella plants can produce showy flowers if they are placed outside in warmer weather. 

It is easy to grow, requires low maintenance, and is known for its pollutant removal properties. 

Swiss Cheese Plant 

Swiss Chess Plant or Monstera as an large houseplant

I love unique houseplants, so I chose the Swiss cheese plant, also known as Monstera Deliciosa, for its unusual, impressive large leaves. Okay, and to make other people jealous of my large indoor plants.

Escape to the tropics with this plant, which has leaves that grow up to three feet in width. This plant requires plenty of space to grow and can be up to ten feet tall indoors.  

It can grow in low light, and medium to bright indirect light areas. It requires well-drained rich soil and fertilizing monthly during spring and summer. 

Giant Bird of Paradise 

Giant bird of paradise make a good large potted plant inside

The gorgeous flowers, which resemble a bird in flight, gave this plant its name. I think it is an exquisite plant, with flowers that can take you to exotic places without leaving home. The plant can grow seven to 10 feet tall when grown indoors. The striking leaves resemble those of a banana tree, and the leaves themselves can grow to several feet. 

Keep the soil moist, but do not overwater this plant that likes bright, yet indirect light. 


Bamboo indoor plant

Bamboo can grow to more than 50 feet tall outdoors. Indoors, grown as tall houseplants, it can reach up to four feet or more in height. It is native to China and likes partial sun exposure. That is a blessing for people like me that live in a home that does not always get a lot of bright light.  

It is a great choice for an empty corner. It prefers organically rich soil with good drainage. And make sure that you do not confuse the bamboo plant with “lucky bamboo,” which is another totally different plant. 


Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendrons come in several varieties. Philodendron Xanadu, for example, has large, lobed leaves that make it a focal point. The tree philodendron is native to tropical regions of South America and requires little care. Place it near a sunny window that gets bright, indirect sunlight. 

Keep the temperature in the room above 55 F. Water philodendrons when the top one-inch of soil feels dry, but do not overwater. 

Areca Palm 

Areca palm growing indoors as a large potted plant

The areca palm is capable of living throughout its lifespan indoors. Keep it in an area with bright light. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater it.  

The gorgeous bright green fronds of this plant make it an ideal tall houseplant. Care for it properly and it will grow between five and seven feet in height. 

Making a Statement with Large Houseplants

These are just a few of the stunning large potted plants that you can use in your home. It can be tough to pick just one!

Take a look around your home and find that sad spot that needs a bit of life brought to it. Plants have an amazing ability to lift the energy in a room just by being in there! No wonder we like having them around so much.