Self-Isolation Survival Guide For Frazzled Parents

The world might feel like it’s turning upside down right now. I won’t mention the C-word, although it begins with C and ends with …oronavirus!

You might find yourself feeling scared, overwhelmed and with little ones to keep amused during a self-isolation or lockdown.

As parents, we are worried about a million things, but at the moment one of our biggest concerns is how will we survive any sort of isolation or quarantine with our kids?

The kids just see it as more time off school but as parents, we just see endless days ahead of us where we need to keep our littles ones amused with limited contact with the outside world!

Whenever we are stuck at home for an extended period of time, my children like to spend their time perfecting their Sibling Torturing Skills. Seriously, the CIA just needs to spend 2 hours around my children to find the perfect torture techniques to have any prisoner begging for mercy!

Stay-At-Home Survival Guide

Below is a list of my best articles to help you stay sane during this crazy and uncertain time.

64+ Kid-Approved Summer Activities

These activities aren’t just for summer! Over 68 of the best activities to keep your kids happy and amused. There’s a full selection of outdoor, indoor, messy, quiet, educational… and more activities!

I’ve picked activities that will appeal to all ages. There seriously is something for everyone on this list!

15 Outdoor Water Games For Sunny Days

If it’s warm enough where you are, why not get outside and enjoy some water games and activities?

This was a guest post by my good friend, Amber, who has many years of experience as a camp and child-care director. She knows what children love and she knows how to have fun!

I haven’t had a chance to try all these water game ideas yet, but I can’t wait to do them all!

5 Best Natural Disinfectants

Want to make sure that your home isn’t a breeding group for viruses?

This post will show you the 5 best natural disinfectants to help keep your family safe. I even include homemade cleaner recipes for each disinfectant (and most of the use products you’ll already have at home!).

Finding Time For Self-Care

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you… the poor overworked parent!

This post gives you practical and actionable ways you can find time to take better care of yourself. As I always say – it’s not selfish to look after yourself.

To be the best parent you can be, you need to put yourself first sometimes!

My Favorite Kids Crafts & Activities

With 3 kids in the house, we do a LOT of crafts and activities. I’m also looking for new and exciting things to try!

Below is a selection of my all-time favorite kids activities! Go on, give them a try!

Sparkling Mermaid Slime

This is my FAVORITE slime recipe! It’s stretchy, smooth and fun to make!

Sparkling Mermaid Slime

This is a great alterntive to classic slime and super easy to make.

Super Simple Glitter Slime

This is classic glitter slime is easy andfun for kids of all ages.

DIY Bouncy Balls

This is without doubt, the most popular kid craft on my site! Click to find out why!

DIY Nebula in a Bottle

This is a simple, fun fun craft that kids of all ages will love!

Homemade Heart Squishy

This is a great craft for older kids that will keep them busy for hours!

DIY Lego Fidget Spinner

This is not just a fun activity, it’s also a great STEM lesson too!

More Kids Crafts & Activities

Need even more ideas? Check out these crafts that I’ve done with my kids and we all LOVE!

(Yes… slime is pretty popular in my house!)

Have Fun

I know this is a pretty scary time for all of us. We’re worried about our family, our friends, our jobs, and the future. But you need to try your hardest to not worry about things that are outside of your control. Why worry about what you can’t change!

So whatever you decide to do with your kids during this uncertain time, the very most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!

They won’t stay little forever… so relax, enjoy yourself and go and run in some sprinklers!