30 Indoor Plant Decor Ideas | How to Display Your Houseplants

Houseplants are like M&M candies… you can’t have just one! Once you’ve got a few plants you just want more and more. Eventually, you will start looking for indoor plant decor ideas.

I decided I wanted to share with you some houseplant decor ideas and where better to look for inspiration than Instagram! I searched and searched and found 30 of the absolute best indoor plant display ideas!

Whether you are looking for succulent planter ideas or ideas to display your rare houseplants… there’s a solution here for every type of indoor plant decor issue!

Houseplant Decor Ideas

I’ve broken this post up into different plant decor design solutions. Everything from small container ideas, to verticle wall-mounted gardens.

Scroll down to see the 30 best indoor plant decor ideas from Instagram!

Simple Plant Stands & Containers

If you have just one or two houseplants, then these ideas for simple plant stands or containers (that still look amazing with your home’s decor) are perfect for you.

Above is a great example of how a simple plant stand can turn a normal houseplant (an easy to care for Snake Plant in this case) into an interesting indoor plant decor item.

This Fiddle Leaf Fig looks stunning in a basket, rather than a traditional planter. Obviously, you can’t pot the plant straight into the basket, but it’s a great cover to a basic nursery pot that your plant comes in from the store.

Many houseplants love to be kept in the bathroom! The humid air is perfect for some of the more tropical and moisture-loving plants. Here you can see an interesting mix of plain planters and baskets.

Wow, I LOVE this Snake Plant collection! Although all the pots and plant stands are different, the unified color scheme (black and white) and the similarly shaped plants (all varieties of Snake Plant) make an eye-catching focal point to any room.

Small Houseplant Container Ideas

We all love large houseplants, but sometimes we just don’t have room for them. If you are short on space, or just want a small display for your coffee table or counter, then check out these small container ideas.

Terrariums are a popular way to display houseplants. Above you can see a selection of succulents and cacti in a glass bowl. Although this is a very interesting piece, I’m not sure how well the plants will do in the sand and with the lack of airflow (succulents and cacti like good airflow to keep humidity low). This is a great idea, just maybe pick different plants.

These little guys are just adorable! This would actually be a fun DIY planter project too. Just buy a plain white pot and use a sharpie marker to draw your design onto the pot! They would make great gifts too!

This is a more classic terrarium idea and I think it would look great on a windowsill or even on your coffee table. Again, it uses cacti and succulents, so just be sure to not water them too much, or else the humidity will build up into the glass dome.

These little concrete planters are a favorite of mine. If you have a selection of different plants, you can give them more of a unified look by using similar planters.

This is quite a fancy looking pot… and very unconventional! I can imagine this looking great in a bathroom or even in a beach-themed bedroom.

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Hanging Houseplant Ideas

Sometimes it’s not possible to have floor or shelf space for your plants. I have dogs and cats who love to chew on my houseplants! So finding beautiful and practical hanging houseplant ideas was essential for me.

Above you can see a simple arrangement of hanging baskets. If your room is on the darker side, then hang the plants near the window to maximize the available light. (These are Spider Plants which are great low-light plants and easy to care for).

This is such a simple and beautiful indoor plant decor idea! I think this String of Pearls plant looks just stunning hanging from this hoop. This, also, looks like an easy DIY planter idea too!

OK, so this isn’t strictly an indoor plant decor idea… but we often use our outside living spaces as much as we do the inside, so why not decorate it with some plants! I think the orchids are my favorite here, I bet they look amazing when they are blooming.

Hanging plants don’t have to be in traditional hanging baskets. This glass dome hanging planter is beautiful and would be a wonderful addition to any living space. Another bonus of hanging plants is that it keeps them away from pets (as lots of houseplants can be toxic to cats or dogs).

Ahh, another bathroom plant decor idea! I love the little plant on the sink, but what really caught my eye was the long houseplant hanger. Stringing 2 or 3 pots together is a great way to have more plants in a small space (and they look great too!).

Who needs curtains, when you can have plants hanging in front of your window? Modern, minimalist and beautiful – who could ask for more?

Plant-mom goals! This bedroom is beyond gorgeous! It might not be for everyone, but if you are plant-obsessed, then I’m guessing you are lusting after this room as much as I am!

Wall Mounted Gardens

If you don’t want to hang your plants (or you’ve already filled your hanging space), then maybe mounting your houseplants on a wall is a possibility instead?

This is another great way to keep your precious plants away from your pets or children!

You can combine any items on your wall-mounted shelves with your plants. Like this fun hexagon shelf that doubles as an essential oil holder!

Plants are wonderful additions to your bedroom (they clean the air!), so why not mount a couple of plants either side of your bed?

The wall-mounted plant display above is amazing! Think of the different types of plants you could display here?!

Plant Shelf Ideas

While we are on the subject of wall-mounting, let’s talk about using shelves to display our little green friends.

Bonus… Kitty and Fido can’t reach them!

Why settle for one shelf when you can have dozens! Hey, it’s just more space to display you babies (Pothos plants in this case)!

Make the most of your sunny window area, by putting shelves across the window. Your plants will love it, and it gives a wonderful plant-filtered glow to your room.

I’m not sure which I’m more in love with the plant shelves… or the dog! I love the way this person has displayed a mixture of plants and decor items to make a stunning focal point to their room.

Plant shelves don’t always have to be wall-mounted. This plant stand is perfect for people who are renting, or anyone that just doesn’t want to drill holes in their walls!

Think outside the box with places you can put your plant shelves. What about above the bed, like the photo above? That space looks so restful, I’m ready to take a nap with the cat!

Propagation Displays

If you have an obsession with houseplants like me, then you’ve probably realized how expensive it can get to keep buying more plants.

Well, Mother Nature has the answer for you… propagation! A lot of common houseplants can be propagated from stem cuttings (you can even propagate succulents from just a leaf).

But while you are waiting for your baby plant to grow roots, you need to place it somewhere (normally with lots of light). You could just have a row of mason jars on your windowsill, or you could try one of these different ways to display your babies.

Test tubes aren’t just for science class. This wooden test tube rack is so beautiful (look at that wood grain) and a great way to display your cuttings.

Test tubes again, but this time they are wall-mounted. I love the combination of rustic wood and plants. Such an earthy and natural look.

Look at this display of cuttings! The mixture of mason jars, test tubes, and other glass containers look eclectic without looking messy.

Quirky & Unique Houseplant Ideas

There’s no rule to say that your indoor plant decor has to be dull and boring. Take a look at these quirky and unique planter ideas and see how you can add some personality to your houseplant display.

I am COMPLETELY in love with these funky pots from Headplanter. They are made in Mexico but they do ship to the USA. (Or you could use them as inspiration for your own DIY planter if you are artistic enough!).

Air plants are becoming more and more popular and with good reason. They are easy to look after, cheap and easy to find in your local garden center or home improvement store. I love this original idea for displaying air plants in chess pieces. Although I’m not sure I would want to play a game with them!

Last, but certainly not least, this ADORABLE plant display with googly eyes! The eyes are on sticks that have just been stuck into each pot – such a simple idea, but man, it looks great and so much fun!

Your Home, Your Plants

Hopefully, these indoor plant decor ideas have given you a little bit of inspiration for your home.

But really, there is no right or wrong way to display your plants. Just remember your plants’ needs should always come first (the right amount of light, humidity, and space), but apart from that… have fun and experiment!

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Not sure what houseplant is ight for you?

Take my Houseplant Quiz to find your PERFECT plant!