How to Be Organized – 15 Secrets from Organized People

I worked as a Professional Organizer for many years and would get asked a lot for ‘secrets’ for how to be organized.

I was always willing to share some of my favorite organizing hacks and tips. So I thought I would share some of the best secrets to being more organized from some of the most organized people I know!

I asked a few of my mega-organized friends and colleagues for their best tips for being more organized at home and in life.

So sit back and learn from the best!

How to Be Organized – Secret Tips!

Simplify Your Life

“The more stuff you have, the more time it takes to deal with it. If you simplify your possessions, then you will find that you’ll have more time and feel more relaxed.” – Janet, Minimalist

How to Be Organized - Simplify Your Life

One Thing at A Time

Multitasking has its place. But most of the time, if you try to do too many things at once, then it will take you longer and you will do a worse job of it” – Sandra, Restaurant Owner

Learn to Say No

“Sometimes ‘less is more’, If you are feeling overwhelmed, then learn to say no and only take on what you can handle” – Rebecca, Entrepreneur.

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

“If you are feeling overwhelmed at work, then try to keep your work area organized. If you have to spend ages searching your desk (or even computer files) for what you need, then that will just add pressure.” – Mary, Small Business Owner

How to be an organized person - Have a tidy desk

Start Small

“It can feel overwhelming when you want to organize your whole home. I recommend you start small. Pick one area of your home and start there. Don’t try and do the whole house at once.” – Michelle, Professional Organizer

Do It Now

“It’s really easy to look at a task and think ‘I’ll deal with that later’, but if you just take the 5 minutes to do it now, you will feel so much more in control. Don’t leave something until tomorrow that you can get done today.” – Sean, Senior Executive

Give Grace

“The world puts so much pressure on us. We see perfect homes and lives on social media and we think we should be the same. But that kind of pressure will drive you crazy. Instead, be gentle on yourself. Show some grace to yourself and be happy with where you are right now in your journey.” – Caitlin, Yoga Studio Owner

Use a Planner

“If you want to be more organized, then you need to start using a planner. It could be a bullet journal or just your Google Calendar. Doesn’t matter, how you do it, but start using a planner, plan your day, and you will start hitting your goals!” – Sam, Business Owner

Use a planner to be more organized

Honor Your Commitments

“If you agree to do something, then follow through with it. No one likes a flake! If someone asks something of you, you can always say no. But if you do say yes, then you need to honor your commitments.” – Taylor, Small Business Owner

Set Priorities

“At the start of each day pick 5 things that you want to accomplish that day. These are your priorities for the day. These are the things that you will tackle first. If you have time in the rest of your day then you can work on other stuff. This works for home or work.” – Nathan, CEO

Make Lists

“I know Sasha talks about this a lot on Life’s Carousel, but if you want to be more organized, you need to become a list maker! When your head is full of things to do, you will feel stressed and overwhelmed. Get those thoughts down on paper, and you will instantly feel more organized.” – Alice, Teacher

Make to do lists to be a more organized person

Buy It Again?

“If you have too much stuff and you are struggling to let things go, then ask yourself ‘would you buy it again?’ If you were to lose that item or if it was to break, would you buy it again? If the answer is no, then toss it!” – Tanya, Professional Organizer

Team Work

“Don’t try to do everything yourself. You’ll drive yourself crazy that way. Work out a plan to get your family to help out around the house. Give everyone a ‘job’, teach them how to do it (the right way!), and encourage them when they do it.” – Darina, Store Owner

Timer Queen

“I’m often called the Timer Queen, because I love using a timer to help me get more done. You’ll be amazed how much cleaning you can do if you set a timer for 10 minutes. Race yourself and see what happens!” – Susan, Mom of 4

A Stitch In Time

“A stitch in time saves nine.” This old fashioned expression basically means do something now, and it will save yourself time in the future. – Jean, My Mom

If you try a few of these organization secrets, then you will start living a more organized life in no time! Just don’t go crazy and try to do too much at once!