10 Adventure Inspired Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Looking for gift ideas for nature lovers in your life? Look no further! We have ten ideas that your eco-friendly friend will love!

Nature lovers are notoriously difficult to shop for as their primary hobby is spending time in open spaces.  These individuals tend to be minimalists as opposed to materialists, meaning they value experiences over things. 

However, there are some gifts that outdoor enthusiasts are sure to love.

What do You Get for Someone Who is Outdoorsy?

The gift you get for a friend or family member who spends time outdoors is dependent on his or her unique outdoor hobbies.  As an example, a fisherman would certainly appreciate a new type of bait while an avid hiker would be partial to a wide-brimmed hat with built-in SPF protection. 

Zero in on the outdoor activities the person in your life enjoys and tailor your gift toward those specific interests.  Whether you are looking for the perfect eco-friendly Christmas or birthday present, or a little gift before they go travel, the ideas below are sure to delight the nature lover in your life!

Let’s take a look at the top 10 gift ideas for nature lovers in your life.

Pile of gifts - Gift ideas for nature lovers.

Adventure Inspired Gifts for Nature Lovers

The Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug

This stainless steel half-gallon jug is highlighted by vacuum walls that guarantee the outdoor adventurer in your life will enjoy hot and cold beverages while venturing off the beaten path.  Whether your gift recipient enjoys hot cocoa or iced tea, he or she can pour it into this reliable half-gallon jug and enjoy it at the perfect temperature throughout the journey ahead. 

Perhaps the best part about the Rambler is it is built to take a beating and prove durable across the long haul.  In short, Yeti products stand the test of time. 

An added bonus is the jug is complete with a magnet that holds the cap when drinking.  Add in the large heavy-duty handle and you have all the more reason to pick up this as the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life.

Mpowered Luci Solar String Lights

Take one look at these solar-powered lights and you will agree they make the perfect addition for any campsite. 

The lights provide upwards of 20 hours of illumination in one charge.  The unique carrying case makes it easy to wrap the 18-foot cord along with the lights within a compartment at the case’s center prior to closing it, for optimal protection. 

The case even has a solar panel that charges up the lights.  And an added bonus… the panel also functions as a USB power source for phone charging.

The Otter + Pop Socket Phone Case

Gift this rugged Otterbox case to the nature lover in your life and they won’t have to worry about their phone holding strong when stuffed into a backpack or when dropped on the ground. 

The case features a pop socket that pops upward for the optimal grip, ensuring the outdoorsman on your gift list can snap pictures on the double.

Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion Socks

These Darn Tough Socks aren’t your ordinary socks.  Gift these bad boys to the outdoor adventurer on your gift list and his or her feet will remain warm even if the temperatures dip down toward zero. 

Furthermore, these socks don’t bunch or slide.  The socks are designed to wick away sweat that might lead to the formation of blisters. Yuck!

Washoo Elemnt Bolt GPS Bike Computer

Most of those who enjoy the greater outdoors own a bike.  Gift them the Elemnt Bolt with a 3.7” screen that displays directions turn-by-turn, distance traveled along with speed and they will be quite thankful. 

This diminutive bike computer connects to phones through Bluetooth, showing text messages and notifications mid-ride.  The best part? The easy to read screen can be read in full sun (unlike a cellphone).

Furthermore, the entirety of the data can be linked directly to exercise apps, meaning your gift recipient can post evidence of his or her accomplishments to social media with ease.

Matador Travel Earplugs

These earplugs are certainly small yet they are quite helpful in blocking out noise in the greater outdoors (or on buses or trains on the way to their next great adventure). 

This gift is perfect for campers intent on getting a restful sleep in their tent.  Furthermore, these unique earplugs are designed with a keychain case that can be opened with ease.  Simply attach the earplugs to the zipper on a bag or jacket and it will be accessible in mere seconds.

Everlit Survival First Aid Kit

This outdoor first aid kit will keep the nature lover in your life as safe as possible.  The kit has all the tools your wayward venturer needs to remain safe. 

this unique kit is designed and tested by US military veterans to keep your loved one well prepared in any situation. In addition to the first aid supplies it also contains a 3-mode tactical flashlight, paracord bracelet, flint stone, knife, two glow sticks, and a rain poncho.

Travel Spice Kit

Everyone appreciates tasty spices, especially when by the campfire.  A travel spice kit is a perfect gift for a nature lover and he or she will think of you with each tasty bite while camping. 

The best travel spice kits include rosemary, sea salt, garlic, cayenne pepper, coarse ground black pepper, and cinnamon.

Black Diamond Cosmo 300 Headlamp

This is the perfect gift for outdoor adventurers who enjoy hiking off the beaten path as well as those who camp beneath the stars.  The headlamp includes three AAA batteries. 

The headlamp features a hands-free design, shining upwards of 300 lumens at its highest setting.  There is also a strobe mode and red night vision mode in addition to the bright white illumination. 

The engineers of this headlamp deserve credit for adding a digital lock that ensures it doesn’t turn on when being transported.

United by Blue Backpack

The last item on our list of gift ideas for nature lovers is probably one of the most exo-friendly.

United By Blue is an amazing organization that removes waste plastic from our oceans. For every purchase of a United By Blue product, one pound of plastic trash is removed from the seas.

This backpack makes the perfect gift for the nature lover in your live, because it’s not only functional, but they will appreciate the charitable donation behind the gift too!

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