9 Unusal Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Sustainable Gift Giving

If you want to give a gift that’s both good for the planet and your loved ones, maybe one of these eco-friendly gift ideas is just what you’re looking for.

Green Gift Giving

Before we leap into the list of eco-friendly gift ideas, you might be asking, what exactly is eco-friendly gift giving? An eco-friendly gift is just like a regular gift, just a little bit more mindful of the environment. You want to look for gifts that are made from recycled or sustainable materials and don’t add to the waste that we are pumping out into the environment every day.

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It can be hard to know where to start, especially during the busy holiday season, when life is super hectic. You don’t need to go crazy, remember even a small change to a more eco-friendly lifestyle is better than nothing!

With that in mind, here are some simple ways you can be more eco-friendly in your gift-giving:

  • Give one main gift, instead of lots of smaller gifts
  • Buy locally
  • Homemade or upcycled gifts
  • Give ‘experiences’, not ‘stuff’

And don’t forget to think of ways to make your gift wrapping more eco-friendly too!

sustainable gift wrapping for eco-friendly gift ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some unique ideas for gifts, then I’m here to help! Below you will find 9 different eco-friendly gift ideas that they will love and be kind to our environment.

These gifts are not only thoughtful but they also show how much you care about the world we live in! So check out these 9 ideas below and get shopping today!

Sustainable Watch

How about giving a gift that stands the test of time and will make your recipient think of you every time they check the time?

A sustainable watch makes the perfect gift, particularly wood ones, since the grains are different on each watch, making them unique eco-friendly gift ideas. No more looking at a cellphone for the time! 

These elegant watches make the ideal gift for that nature lover individual in your life. They’re also stylish and come in plenty of beautiful designs for men and women. These watches are elegant and suit almost any occasion. 

Cork Wallet

Another incredible gift for both environmentally-conscious males is a nicely crafted cork wallet from Corkor. They fit in any pocket neatly and will make them remember you every time they reach for that wallet. 

It comes in both brown and black shades and is small enough not to bulge but large enough to store all your essential items from money to bank cards and driver’s license. I mean, who doesn’t want someone thinking about them every time they reach for their money?

Bonus… this is also a great gift for any vegan friends, unlike a leather wallet.

Cork Yoga Mat

So, your friend or loved one enjoys outdoor stretches and is passionate about the environment. Getting them a gift is pretty easy as there are multiple sustainable yoga mats, and they are fabulous. The materials comprise biodegradable cork, are non-slip, non-toxic, and resists sweat too.  

So why not send them out to go sweat in refined style with a stylish yet sustainable yoga mat? You’ll get some fitness credits, too, every time they get motivated using their stylish mat.

Bamboo & Corn Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dish

The most environmentally responsible gift ideas begin at home. This toothbrush holder and soap dish set is a perfect eco-friendly gift for anyone in your life. They will be grateful for your efforts to eliminate plastic from the environment. 

There’s a bonus sisal soap saver bag included in the package. The set is made entirely of bamboo and corn fiber and is both plastic-free and biodegradable. They’re a terrific conversation starter as people learn about the long-term durability of these eco-friendly materials.

With this two-piece soap dish, they can lengthen the life of their soap. The soap dries and lasts longer by resting on the bamboo layer over the dish made of corn fiber. It’s one of the best green gift ideas.

Bamboo Thermos with Tea Infuser & Strainer

Does your friend or colleague like to carry around their favorite beverage? Well, they’ll happily show off this high-quality, large-capacity 17 ounce (500 ml) bamboo bottle wherever they go!

It’ll have them creating their favorite hot and cold drinks wherever they are, whenever they want! They make great green gift ideas for green tea lovers or just tea lovers in general.

It’s also an excellent travel companion because of its ultra-slim design. The tumbler has a distinctive design, and no two patterns are precisely the same since the material comprises 100 percent organic and all-natural bamboo. Each has a distinct character!

Heats up in 12 hours and cools down in 24 hours – This super-insulated bamboo tumbler will keep your afternoon tea hot and your morning smoothie cold all day. With a single tumbler, they can make three different kinds of infusions. A 2-piece detachable tea infuser and strainer comes with each LeafLife Bamboo Insulated Tumbler.

Kitchen Dish Cleaning Set

When looking for natural gift ideas, this kitchen cleaning set is an ideal present for the ecologically aware someone in your life. These eco-friendly kitchen brushes make a great holiday, housewarming or birthday gift because they show the family’s commitment to a cleaner environment.

The brushes are both attractive and functional, and they serve as an engaging conversation starter, frequently leading to more ecologically conscious talks.

Everest sustainable dishwashing brushes consist of palm fibers, sisal, coconut, and natural bamboo, durable and sustainable. They’re made for daily usage and will remove even the most stubborn cooked-on stains, while the plant-based fibers are adequately soft for use on delicate crocks and non-stick pots and pans.

One bottle brush with coconut bristles, one multi-purpose sisal brush, one sisal dish brush, one palm dish brush, and one sisal vegetable brush complete the set. If your family member or friend is particular when it comes to their kitchenware, they’ll be happy to clean their cookware using the all-purpose brush. Meanwhile, the dish brushes are ideal for a variety of dishes. They’ll be able to wash the bottom of the tiniest glass, cup, or water bottle with the bottle brush. If these aren’t awesome eco-friendly gift ideas, then what is?

The Zero Waste Box Gift Box Set

This zero-waste starter package aims to jump-start the individual you’re gifting in terms of living a sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle. One reusable product at a time to assist them in living a conscientious and environmentally friendly lifestyle is a great way to support your friends.

They can lessen single-use plastic usage and build up no trash with the beginning kit, making it the most fantastic eco-friendly present for anyone who wants to start their zero-waste journey.

This awesome eco-friendly gift includes:

  • Two Loofah Multipurpose Sponges
  • A Bamboo Reusable Cutlery Set (1 Bamboo Fork, 1 Bamboo Knife, 1 Bamboo Spoon)
  • A Cotton Fabric Travel Bag
  • A Bamboo Reusable Straw & Coconut Fiber Cleaning Brush
  • A Bamboo Cotton Buds 100-Pack
  • A Bamboo Toothbrush with Soft Charcoal Bristles

Bamboo & Corn Home Organizer

It’s a terrific conversation starter as people learn about the long-term durability of these environmentally friendly materials.

With an assurance of quality, the high-end alternative to plastic will complement their eco-friendly home decor. The biodegradable materials are sturdy and long-lasting, providing years of service.  

The sleek design blends in with any decor, therefore, this bamboo organizer will not only look fabulous in their bathroom (it matches the toothbrush and soap dish!), but it will also go with any design in their home.

They could use it to store remote controls in their living room, cutlery in the kitchen, the phone in their bedroom, or pens and office materials in their sustainable office!

 Hemp Shoes

Gifting friends and loved ones with clothing and shoes that generate no waste are brilliant eco-friendly gift ideas.

Sanuk Men’s Hemp is the king of sustainable apparel. It’s a fantastic shoe, but before you purchase this product, you should think about what you’re anticipating from it. 

It’s a sturdy, cozy, easy-slip-on footwear not meant for arch or back support, etc. Your friend will find that it’s flat, more like a flip-flop, but they’ll love the comfort and resilience that they won’t get from a traditional sandal.

For the environmentally aware folks in your life, anything from this company’s portfolio will make an excellent gift. They’ll make a difference while also creating a fashion statement with their lovely prints and design.

Most people who have bought them leave rave reviews. A standard recommendation is to buy it one size bigger as they tend to fit a bit smaller than the typical shoe sizes. Either way, these are eco-friendly gift ideas that anyone will appreciate.

Your Gift to Mother Nature

There are so many ways to live a more sustainable life and protect the planet. When you give eco-friendly gifts, you aren’t just giving a present that your friend or family member will love, but you are also giving a gift to Mother Nature! And I think that’s pretty awesome!

We all need to be doing a little bit more to help our earth heal and I hope this list of eco-friendly gift ideas will inspire you, your friends or loved ones to take steps in that direction with some gifts they’ll love!

Want to learn more about changes your family can make to be more eco-friendly and sustainability for kids?