11 Easy DIY Dog Toys Using Free Or Cheap Supplies

All dogs love to play! In fact, that’s one of the things that we love about dogs. Their endless energy and desire to play. We can make playtime even more fun with DIY dog toys!

After all, lots of toys help keep our dogs amused and stop them from getting into trouble (like when a dog runs away) or give them something to do, so they aren’t a velcro-dog and stuck to our side all the time!

Below are 11 DIY dog toy ideas that will keep your four-legged friend happy for hours!

All these dog toys can be made with items you can find around the home. Most of the free or very cheap! Bonus!


So why should you make your own dog toys, instead of buying them? I love making things for my pets (like this DIY Dog Paw Balm) it’s fun and you will also save a LOT of money.

Commercial dog toys are great (I especially love all Nylabone toys for my power chewer, Roxy!). But the cost can add up really fast!

Dog toys can cost anywhere between $5 and $30 at large pet stores, so much you’ve bought 3 or 4 toys, you have invested quite a bit of money! This can be even more frustrating if your dogs like to destroy their toys (like mine do!).

Roxie is my toy-demolisher! We can give her pretty much any toy, and within 10 minutes it will just be a pile of pieces on the floor!

With four dogs in our house, we get through a LOT of toys! So I’ve learned to make free or cheap toys to keep our pack amused without breaking the bank!

Here are the 13 best DIY dog toys that I’ve found from around the internet. Some are super easy, others might take a little longer to make – but all are sure to amuse your pup!

DIY dog toys are great for heavy chewers like Roxie.

Homemade DOG TOYS

I’ve rated each project on how fast and easy it is to make:

★ – Super easy and fast. Finish the project in less than 15 minutes

★★ – Easy but might require a little more time or a special tool.

★★★ – Requires more time and tools to make

I also rated each project by how much it will cost to make:

$ – Under $5

$$ – $5-$10

$$$ – $10+

11 Easy DIY Dog Toys

It is so fun to make DIY dog toys for your woofy-friend! There are so many different options. Just look around your house and see what you can find!

I love making toys for my dogs and cats, and I hope you like some of these ideas!