Recommended Supplies for Faster Cleaning


Having the right cleaning supplies for the job can make a difference between “quick and effective” or “time-consuming and ineffective”.

After years of fine-tuning my cleaning routine and methods, I believe I have found a great combination of products. These products help me keep my very chaotic home clean and tidy!

With 3 children, 4 dogs and 4 cats, the cleaning supplies I use need to be powerful and fast, but also safe to use around pets and children.

The following products are things that I use in my own home every single day! 

Daily Cleaning Supplies

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the secret to easy and fast cleaning. I use them to clean just about everything in my home! They are great in bathrooms and kitchens and can also be used to wash windows and mirrors. 

This pack of 24 cloths from Amazon is exceptionally good value. You want at least 6 cloths, but ideally a lot more than that! These cloths are perfect for all kinds of tasks aroun the home. Paired with a multi-purpose cleaner, you have your “go to” cleaning solution!

Recommended Cleaning Supplies - Microfiber Cloths


Although a microfiber cloth can clean most things, there are times when a good quality sponge is more helpful. They are most useful in the bathroom or kitchen. For instance, smaller sponges are great for cleaning dishes and a larger sponge can be useful for cleaning a bathtub.

Recommended Cleaning Supplies - sponges
Recommended Cleaning Supplies - sponges 2

Scrubbing Brush

Scrubbing brushes are useful in lots of different situations. Sometimes you need a little bit more help than just elbow grease!

If you have tile floors or tile on the walls, then you will need to get a grout brush. Without one, your grout will slowly discolor or stain over time and it will take you a LOT longer to get it clean. These smaller scrubbing brushes are also great for shower door tracks, appliances, and other tight spaces and crevices. 

Recommended Cleaning Supplies - scrub brush
Recommended Cleaning Supplies - grout brush

Dusting Wands

Dusting is Friday’s task on my weekly cleaning schedule and to do it quickly and effectively, you need a good dusting wand.

You can use a traditional feather duster, but they tend to just move the dust around. A microfiber duster grabs hold of the dust and dirt. They are also machine washable.

Another alternative is the disposable type dusters. However, I find they aren’t as effective as they microfiber ones.

Recommended Cleaning Supplies - dusting wand

Recommended Cleaning Supplies - Swiffer

Vacuum Cleaner

I have a mild obsession with vacuum cleaners and I have literally tried dozens of different models.

The minimum you need is a full-sized vacuum with attachments. But I would also recommend a cordless vacuum for fast clean up.

I’m also a BIG advocate of robot vacuums. They might seem like a little bit of a gimmick, but if you have a busy home with children and/or pets, then a robot vac will save you a LOT of time! There are many different brands and prices. My favorite brand is Neato, but the Eufy robot vacuum is also very good value for money.

Best Vacuum Cleaners

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaners


If you have hard floors, then you need a mop!

Traditional mops and buckets are messy, time-consuming, and not very effective. I recommend using a microfiber mop and spray bottle. You just spray the floor, run over it with the mop, and then throw the mop head into the wash. Fast and easy!

There are a few different brands to pick from. I’ve tried quite a few of them, and the only one I would recommend is the O-Cedar Flip Mop. It is double-sided, so one side dusts the floors and one side scrubs.


A squeegee might not seem like an essential piece of cleaning equipment, but it can make your job sooo much easier!

If you have glass shower doors, then you should take 20 seconds at the end of your shower to squeegee down the door. It will save you so much time when it comes to cleaning your shower.

You can also use squeegees to get a streak-free shine when you clean windows. For years and years, I just used a spray and a cloth to clean my windows and I was never very happy with how they looked. A squeegee is quicker and they look soooo much better!

Toilet Brush

If you have a toilet… then you need a toilet brush! You want to get one for every bathroom in your house. This is not something that you want to carry from room to room!

Once again, I’m recommending an OXO brand product. They really do make excellent cleaning products – budget-friendly, long-lasting, and effective!

Cleaning Caddy

Now you have all your cleaning supplies, you need somewhere yo keep them! 

You can pretty much use any large container to keep all your supplies together – a tote bag, bucket, storage box. I personally like to use a caddy, as it’s easiest to carry around the house and I don’t waste time running back to the box to get my supplies.

Cleaning Supplies Roundup