Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Ideas for 2021 – 75+ BuJo Ideas

Bullet journals are wonderful things! I might be slightly addicted to mine… OK, I’m very addicted to mine! I’m always trying to come up with new bullet journal page ideas to fill my journal.

I’ve talked before about how to use a bullet journal to keep track of pretty much all aspects of your life! For instance, tracking spending and saving, the books you want to read, healthy living, routines, brain dumps, and more! There’s an endless supply of bullet journal page ideas online and I’m always looking for new bujo ideas.

Bullet Journal Ideas

Agenda Pages

One of the basic types of bullet journal page ideas you can do is an agenda page. Depending on your needs and the amount of time you have it might be a daily, weekly, or monthly spread.

Rachel over at Planning Mindfully does some of the most gorgeous weekly bullet journal spreads I’ve ever seen! She even wrote an entire post all about how to make the perfect weekly spread.

Bullet Journal Ideas | Planning Mindfully's Weekly Spread

Photo Credit: Planning Mindfully

Your agenda spreads can include whatever information is most useful to you. I like to have a BIG section of my weekly to-do list. Because of my schedule, I don’t plan tasks daily, but weekly (I never know how much time I will have each day). You might want a bigger section for appointments or events if you have a hectic schedule.

It doesn’t matter what your needs are, your bullet journal layout can be customized to fit your needs. If you see a spread you really love (like Rachel’s one above!), but you need space for meal planning, then just rearrange things a bit to suit your needs! The bullet journal ideas are limitless!

Tracker Page Spreads

Having tracker pages in your bullet journal is a great way to stay organized and keep yourself accountable.

When you first start your bullet journal (check out my Complete Beginners Guide to Starting a Bullet Journal if you don’t know where to start), you want to look at which areas of your life need the most help.

For me, it was definitely healthy living. I knew what I needed to do to be more healthy, but I was terrible about actually DOING it! So the very first spread I ever did in my bullet journal was a health tracker. It was pretty basic and not very attractive, but it worked!

I was able to see where my weak points were and make changes to my lifestyle as the month progressed.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas - Weight Loss Tracker Bullet Journal | Use your bullet journal to track your weight loss, meal planning, health, exercise and more. Weight Loss Tracker Spread & Health Tracker Spread.

After that first tracker, I was then hooked and haven’t looked back!

I currently have two journals, one for my day to day life (daily schedule, to-do list, agenda etc) and the other for collections for tracking and recording things that I need to remember.

The tracker one says on my desk at home and I update it every evening. The daily one goes everywhere with me! I even keep it beside my bed at night in case I think of something in the middle of the night.

List Page Layouts

Another useful type of bullet journal page idea is a list page. These will vary depending on your interests, but they could be anything from books you want to read, places you want to visit, or projects you want to do around the house.

A bullet journal list page is pretty much anything list that you don’t want to lose! The great thing about the bullet journal index is that once you enter it on there, you will always be able to find it again.

My favorite list page is my Reading List. I love to read but I used to get stuck for what to read because I would forget book recommendations people gave me!

Reading Tracker | Bullet Journal | A selection of great bullet journal tracker ideas for keeping up with the books, movies and TV shows you want to read and see! Track all your entertainment options with these spreads.

So whenever someone mentions a book, or I see one I like the look of, I add it to my reading list. I made it look like books on a bookshelf just because I saw that idea online and loved it!

List of Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of what you actually want to put in your bullet journal when you are first starting out. Or maybe you’ve been doing it a while and got into a routine and want something fresh to do. Either way, it’s always fun to look over a list of possible bullet journal page ideas.

When thinking about what you want to add to your bullet journal, you want to look at which areas of your life need the most help. Bullet journals are great for keeping us accountable to ourselves – use their power for good!

Not sure which areas of your life need work? Try my Balanced Life Quiz – you will get an individual rating for each area of your life, so you can see where you really need to concentrate your energy.

A balanced life is a happy life!

I’m going to break the bullet journal ideas down into different areas. You don’t need to do ALL of these ideas, but maybe one or two from each area would be a good start! Or use your Balanced Life Quiz results to concentrate on where you need the most help.

I hope you find these bullet journal ideas useful and you are able to start living a more organized life. After all, who doesn’t want to be more organized?

General Life Bullet Journal Spreads

  • Title page
  • Key
  • Index
  • Daily spread
  • Week layout
  • Monthly calendar
  • To-Do list (daily, weekly and/or monthly)
  • Goals (daily, weekly, monthly or annual)
  • Month or Year in Review
  • Birthday & Holidays
  • Contacts list
  • Quotes & Inspiration
  • Affirmations
  • Mind-map
  • “Currently I am…” page
  • Brain dump

Routines Layouts

  • Morning routine
  • Evening routine
  • Exercise routine
  • Kids routine
  • Bujo routine
  • Work routine
  • Weekend routine
  • Cleaning routine

Health & Fitness Page Ideas

Work & School Layouts

  • Class schedule
  • Work schedule
  • Project plan
  • Career goals
  • Class supplies list
  • Homework tracker

Home Life Ideas

  • Meal plan
  • Grocery list
  • Chore list/tracker
  • Pet health and growth
  • Home maintenance tracker
  • Vehicle maintenance tracker
  • Home improvement project list
  • House wish list
  • Kids schedules
  • Summer kids activities
  • Kids’ milestone log

Money Spreads

  • Saving tracker
  • Spending log
  • Investments tracker
  • Monthly budget
  • Financial goals
  • Bills log
  • Balance sheet

Self Care Collections

  • Balanced Life Circle
  • Meditation log
  • Self-care checklist/ideas
  • Mood tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Books read or to read
  • Movies watched or to watch
  • TV show tracker
  • Brainstorming
  • Goals
  • Wishlist
  • Happy thoughts
  • “Things I love about me”
  • Gratitude log
  • Habit tracker
  • Dream log
  • Journal prompt ideas
  • Bucket list
  • Travel list
  • Places to visit

There you have it. SOOOOOO many bullet journal page ideas. What’s your favorite? That’s the best thing about bullet journals they are so customizable. You can layout your bullet journal to be exactly what YOU want!

12 thoughts on “Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Ideas for 2021 – 75+ BuJo Ideas”

  1. I have horrible growth pains and oscar disease. This is why I do a health tracker on how bad my pains are. (Also I know how much pain medicine I take) Try pain tracker.

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear you have to live with so much pain. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you. I’m glad you’re able to use you bullet journal to keep track of your health and hopefully it will give you some insight into ways to help manage the pain better. Hugs.

  2. My hobbies are increasing as time passes…I don’t have pages left to add new ones in my hobby section… can’t think of redoing all over again

    • Just start a new page further into your bujo. That’s the beauty of a bullet journal, you don’t have to keep everything in one place. Maybe at the bottom of your existing Hobbies page, you could do a cute little sign with an arrow, saying “Continued on Page XX”!

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