5 Awesome Bullet Journal Ideas for an Easier Life

5 Bullet Journal Ideas for an Easier Life - 5 awesome ideas for how to start a bullet journal for an EASIER LIFE! These spread and layout ideas will help you be more organized and get more done! Bullet Journal EYE CANDY Inspiration!

It’s no secret that I am completely obsessed with my bullet journal! I’ve written about how I use my journal in all areas of my life and it really has been a life saver. Finding new bullet journal ideas is a daily task for me!

My life can get pretty busy… OK, my life gets REALLY busy, so I need to be super organized or else I forget things and life gets very stressful (I have a horrible memory too!). Without my bullet journal, I would be completely lost.

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Apparently, I’m not the only person totally obsessed with running their life from their bujo. I’ve met so many talented bullet journalists, and one of those is Thassia.

Thass has a wonderful blog devoted to all things journaling – Diary of Journal Planner. She has so many awesome ideas and her doodle tutorials are so easy to follow.

My daughter and I just got back from a trip to Arizona, so I think my favorite is the “Free Hugs” cactus! I had so much fun decorating my weekly spread with the cactus doodles! 

Thass has so many great bullet journal ideas and she has been kind enough to write this guest post to tell us her top five ways to make your life easier using your bullet journal! Who doesn’t want an easier life?!

Over to you, Thass!

Getting Organized

Getting more organized and using your time effectively can offer amazing benefits to your life. Unfortunately, getting into the routine of planning doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Do you tend to write down a lot of notes and to-do lists, but find that you write it down then never look at it again?

If so, then you could benefit from using a bullet journal to organize your life.

Using a bullet journal system doesn’t only help you “plan” what needs to be done and when, but can help you note tasks that are required for each goal, check in and check off items on your to-do list, and really keep up with it all.

I use this system to literally organize all aspects of my life in one single place. Keep reading to find out how you can become a more organized person with this system too.

Top 5 Awesome Bullet Journal Ideas for an Easier Life

Before you start the planning and organization, take the time to set your bullet journal up for success. Think of all the things you would like to organize better and make space for it in your journal.

My first tip is to use one journal for everything. While there are planners for specific things, many people benefit from just one journal as there is often overlap.

Your finances are related to your budget and savings, work, and family life. If you had different planners for each of these things, you would be repeating a lot. Simplifying will make the process easier.

My most important tip is to use your planner daily. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it!

Here are the five main life aspects to organize in your bullet journal.

1 – Your Home Life

Organizing a home is a full-time job and you should definitely use a tool to help you with it.

Here are some of the ways I organize my household with a bullet journal.

Budget and Savings

If you don’t have much of a budget or are struggling to save money, consider having some pages dedicated to your finances.

The budget and finance section of your bullet journal can be set out in many ways.

It can be one page that tracks how much you have saved or spent so far this week/month, ideas on how to save more, odd jobs that earn or a long-term financial plan.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Weekly Spending Log Layout | How to use your bullet journal to keep track of your budget and savings. Financial planning using your bullet journal!

Check out my post all about using your bullet journal manage all aspects of your finances – everything from spending, to saving and budgeting.

Household Tasks

Some housekeeping, cleaning, and tasks around the house can easily be missed as they are not a priority or done regularly.

Think about it – how many times have you seen the need for a minor repair around the house but just told yourself you would handle it later?

This happens often, and it can eventually lead to a lot of stress when you feel like you can never keep up.

Instead of letting it consume you, start creating lists of tasks that need to be done around the house. It could be minor repairs, deep cleaning tasks, decluttering etc. Create a chore chart in your bullet journal and work through these tasks one by one.

Essential Info

Do you have a tendency to lose track of addresses, emails, phone numbers, or passwords? If so – you are definitely not alone. While there are also ways to manage this information digitally, it isn’t a foolproof method. Like your phone and other electronic devices, your journal is always with you, but there isn’t the added risk of lack of battery. Consider using it to organize some of the following:

  • Phone numbers
  • Physical addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Important passwords you keep forgetting (no sensitive password such as credit card or PINs though)

2 – Family Life

Meal Planning

Mealtime is a big part of family life. Being intentional about planning and prepping meals can not only improve the health of your family but also help you save money on groceries.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Save HUNDREDS of Dollars a Month on Food | How Meal Planning will save you time and money each month on food

It can be especially handy for families with specific food preferences or restriction like gluten and lactose intolerance. You could plan your meals, shopping list, track what your family eats and set nutrition goals for everyone.

You can read more on using a bullet journal for meal planning here.

School Tasks

Back to school time can be a hectic one with all the supplies, meetings, new schedule etc.

Regardless of if you are a student yourself or have kids of school age, you can easily tackle all of it in your bullet journal. Use it for the list of your school supplies, to track classes, exams or a new schedule, important yearly events, school vacation etc.

Party Planning

Party planning takes a lot of organization and preparation. In your bullet journal you can ensure that everything goes to plan and that you are ready when the time comes.

Use your journal to brainstorm party ideas, make shopping lists, manage invites and to-do lists, delegate party tasks etc.

Holiday Shopping & Organization

During big holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, you will probably have a long list of friends and family to shop for, as well as food and decorations. Not to mention, a big schedule to handle.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Christmas Bullet Journal | Getting ready for December and the Holiday Season with these useful Christmas BuJo spreads! Keep organized and stay sane this holiday season with Bullet Journals!

Do you ever notice that you almost always forget a gift for someone? Using your bullet journal to organize holidays lists will help you get everything in time and within budget.

3 – Work & Business

A bullet journal is not only for personal use. Work is a part of your life that needs to get well organized so you can add work appointments and anything related to it too.

Whether you run your own business, are an employee or an entrepreneur with a big idea, the bullet journal system can be extremely useful for you professionally.

Here are some key ways to get more work organization with your bullet journal.

Business-related Goals

Start by having some goals only for work or business that are separate from your personal goals, they can be small and large goals. Then list the tasks to help you with reach them and periodically evaluate what you need to adapt to reach the final goal.

Project Management

Just as everything else in your life you can manage projects on your bullet journal.

Make space in your journal to write down deadlines, manage tasks and lists, assigning staff, track results, adjust schedules etc.

Setting up task lists and tracking accomplishing goals will improve your time management and prevent you from wasting time on the next project because that part of the work has already been done.

4 – Health

Using a bullet journal not only has the benefits of getting you organized in your personal and professional life but it can also be really useful for your health, both mental and physical.

The act of journaling itself brings health benefits including the release of tension and an increase in positivity and anxiety control. Below are the best ways to keep track of your health by using a bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Weight Loss Tracker Bullet Journal | Use your bullet journal to track your weight loss, meal planning, health, exercise and more. Weight Loss Tracker Spread & Health Tracker Spread.

Track Your Fitness Journey

No matter where you are in your health journey a bullet journal is a great tool for listing and tracking your individual fitness goals, workouts and progress.

Weight Loss

A bullet journal is also perfect for those who are trying to lose weight or just maintain their current weight. Don’t underestimate the power of putting pen to paper when tracking or setting goals.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Weight Loss Tracker Bullet Journal | Use your bullet journal to track your weight loss, meal planning, health, exercise and more. Weight Loss Tracker Spread & Health Tracker Spread.

Improve Mental Health

Health isn’t just about your physical body, but your mental and emotional state as well.

Journaling offers so many mental health benefits, from reducing stress to helping with anxiety.

When you become more organized and you clear your mind from the unnecessary stuff you can have more time for a little self-care too.

Your Daily Self Care Routine

Not only your life and work need to be taken care of. Don’t neglect yourself and your needs while planning around your days.

Use your bullet journal to add daily self-care items to your routine (any little thing that makes you feel happy and well) and make a habit to practice self-care regularly.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Morning & Evening Bullet Journal Routines | Using your bullet journal layout to create the perfect morning and evening routines. Track your success in your bujo with routine tracker pages. Reset Your Life!

5 – Life Goals

You know how everyone gets excited about making New Year’s goals and life changes that will take place that year but forget about them by February?

That is because we are all ready to make changes for the better but we often underestimate the amount of commitment that goes into achieving big plans and goals.

Using a bullet journal regularly will improve your likelihood of achieving them because it helps you stay accountable and focused.

Bullet Journal Ideas to Make Life Easier - Plan a Self Reflection Day | Plane a day (or a few hours) to take time to assess where your life is going and set goals. Find your Level 10 Life. Find balance in all aspects of your life. Self care at its best!

Having and using a journal helps you manifest your goals on a daily basis. When you write down your goals, your progress and what you did for the day to reach that goal then you are staying accountable to yourself for that goal.

You can have pages dedicated to listing all of your short and long-term goals, tasks to complete those goals, and even a schedule of what to do when.

How do you use your bullet journal to organize your life?

5 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas for an Easier Life - 5 awesome ideas for how to start a bullet journal for an EASIER LIFE! These spread and layout ideas will help you be more organized and get more done! Ho to use trackers, logs and more to get control of your life!