30+ Totally Awesome Habit Tracker Ideas in your Bullet Journal for 2021!

Have you ever started a new habit and after 3 days you just can’t stick with it any longer and you give up? Maybe a habit tracker will help!

Yeah, me too! In fact, 3 days seems to be the magic number for me! If I can last longer than that, then I know I’m going to succeed.

We all start new habits full of optimism, but if we end up quitting after just a few days it takes a huge toll on our motivation and self-esteem.

It’s so easy to beat yourself up – “I didn’t stick with going to the gym last time, so why should I bother doing it again now. I’ll just fail again”! That’s not good! Stop talking to yourself like that!

So you need to come up with new ways to keep yourself motivated and on track.

I talked a lot about motivation in my 8 Simple Willpower Hacks post. If you find it hard to start a new habit or stick with it, then you REALLY need to check that post out.

Habit Trackers

One way to help maximize your chances of sticking with a new habit… no matter what it is… is to track it.

There are a million different ways to track habits. You can find habit trackers in the form of cell phone apps, accountability partners, software, fitness trackers, notebooks, journals and more!

My absolute favorite habit tracker is, of course, my bullet journal!

I’ve talked a LOT about my bullet journal and how it’s transformed my life and made me sooo much more organized.

But I have to say that my number one, numero uno, favorite thing is bullet journal habit trackers!

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What is a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker?

To put it simply, a habit tracker is a page in your bullet journal where you record every time that you perform a new habit.

For example, if you want to start jogging 5 days a week, then every time you go for a jog you write it down in your bullet journal habit tracker.

This might not seem like something that will keep you motivated, but it’s kinda like having a silent accountability partner.

Every time you mark your new habit in your bullet journal you will see the progress you are making a feel like you are accomplishing something.

Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

So you might like the sound of having a habit tracker but you’re not sure what you want to track.

Well, there’s a lot to pick from! Below are just a few ideas to get you started!

  • Weight Loss Tracker
  • Diet Tracker
  • Meditation Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Yoga Tracker
  • Steps Tracker
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Homework Tracker
  • Zero-Inbox Tracker
  • Chore Tracker
  • Spending Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Reading Tracker
  • and sooo many more!

Awesome Habit Tracker Ideas

Below are some of the best habit tracker ideas from around the internet.

I’ve broken them down into areas to make it easier for you to find inspiration!

A word of warning about these ideas – some of these designs are VERY artistic. Even if you aren’t an artist, you can still create a wonderful custom habit tracker.

Please, please, please don’t compare your drawing ability to others! Your bullet journal is your own safe space. It is completely unique to you. It doesn’t matter how fancy it is – it’s yours!


Health Habit Tracker Ideas

A great way to track your healthy lifestyle is using a habit tracker.

You can track all likes of things. What about tracking:

  • the amount of water you drink
  • the number of times a week you exercise
  • how far you’ve run
  • the number of steps you’ve taken
  • the number of calories you’ve eaten
  • the number of days without sugar/soda/candy

CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to check out how I use a habit trackers to keep motivated and lose weight!

Habit Tracker Ideas - Weight Loss Tracker Bullet Journal | Use your bullet journal to track your weight loss, meal planning, health, exercise and more. Weight Loss Tracker Spread & Health Tracker Spread.

Here are some ideas to give get your mental juices flowing!


Money Habit Tracker

If you’re anything like me then you REALLY need help keeping track of your finances.

I especially like to track exactly how much I spend every day. It’s amazing how quickly those little purchases can add up.

Check out my post all about how I use money habit trackers to keep control of my spending, saving and debt!

Habit Tracker Ideas - Weekly Spending Log Layout | How to use your bullet journal to keep track of your budget and savings. Financial planning using your bullet journal!

You could try some of these money tracker ideas:

  • Spending tracker
  • Savings tracker
  • Investments tracker
  • Monthly budget
  • Financial goals
  • Bills log
  • Balance sheet

These bullet journal money habit tracker ideas will help get you out of the red and back in the black (e.g: saving more than you spend!).


Get a FREE printable version of my savings tracker!

Mood Tracker

One of the most popular things to track in a bullet journal is your mood.

As you fill out your bujo every day with a reflection of what you have done that day or planning for the following day, it’s super quick and easy to also record your mood.

Using a mood tracker can help you identify what causes swings in your mood. Maybe you will notice that you always feel happy after a visit to your friends. Or maybe you feel “blah” right around the full moon (this is me!).

Whatever the causes of our moods, it is nice to have a little bit of warning of when they might change!

There are some wonderful and colorful mood tracker ideas out there. Remember that you don’t have to be a great artist – just start with something simple that fits your style.


Other Habit Tracker Ideas

Next, we have a selection of other ways you can use a habit tracker in your bullet journal.

I like to use my bujo to tracker the books I’ve read and the ones I want to read! How many times has someone suggested a book to use, but by the time you’re ready to read a new book, you’ve forgotten the title!

Check out my post about book, TV show and movie tracker ideas.

Habit Tracker Ideas - Reading Tracker | Bullet Journal | A selection of great bullet journal tracker ideas for keeping up with the books, movies and TV shows you want to read and see! Track all your entertainment options with these spreads.

Why not try some of these ideas in your own bullet journal? They are fun and help keep your life and mind organized!


Hopefully, these habit tracker ideas will help you create some wonderful pages and spreads in your bullet journal!