Take Your Home From

Chaos to Calm

It’s time to END the arguments about chores



Time to stop feeling overwhelmed

There is HOPE!

What If It Could Be Different?

This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of establishing and sticking to a family cleaning routine that will have your children begging to clean the bathroom (OK, maybe not quite begging, but you won’t have to yell at them).

This method is far more than just a chore chart because you will discover WHY your family doesn’t help and how you can motivate them to want to keep the house clean.

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Maybe you have tried chore charts and cleaning routines before and they haven’t worked… in fact, they’ve been bigger failures than ‘New Coke’!

But this time it will different!

You will learn how to speak to your family about your needs (without yelling!), develop a plan together and work as a team to keep your home running smoothly. No more yelling, nagging, guilt-trips or any of those other bitchy housewife tricks that just don’t work!

Take your home from Chaos to Calm!

"My home used to be complete chaos. I was always yelling at my kids and husband to help around the house.

This ebook has changed everything! My house is clean, we have more free time and we work as a team to keep it tidy."
Reformed Yelling Mom
"I was so fed up and overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done at home and no-one helped me. After I followed all the steps in this course my kids and husband now help! I feel in control and more relaxed."
Former Overwhelmed Mom

Are You Going to F**king Help?

This ebook is about the frustration that you feel when no-one else is helping out around the house. You feel like you are responsible for all the chores and no-one even acknowledges the disparity.

You are so frustrated that sometimes you don’t have the words to calmly ask for help. You feel the resentment bubbling up inside of you and all you can do is yell “Are you going to f**king help?”.

That’s why I used a swear word in the title of this guide. Because it’s the only way to truly illustrate that level of frustration in words.

If you don’t understand this feeling, then this ebook isn’t for you. Sorry!

But if you understand this level of frustration, then keep reading. I’ve got you covered…

Ending Household Chore Arguments

The Guide
$ 39
  • 12 Easy to Follow Chapters to Create Your Own Family Cleaning Plan
  • Step-By-Step Plan to Get Your Family to Work as a Team
  • 18 Printable Worksheets to Help You Identify Your Problem Areas
  • 11 Chore Chart Templates for Families of All Sizes
  • Realistic Examples to Help Guide You
  • Survival Plan for When Things Go Wrong
  • Bring Back Harmony to Your Home TODAY!

What's Included

in this eBook

Step - By - Step Instructions

The 12 chapters of this course take you step-by-step through talking to your family, developing a Family Cleaning Plan, how to stick to it and what to do when things go wrong!

Worksheets & Chore Charts

This guide includes dozens of worksheets and chore chart templates (including examples!) to help you keep track of everyone’s tasks and responsibilities.

Emergency Survival Plan

Advice on what to do when someone gets sick or there’s an emergency and you can’t stick to your Family Cleaning Plan. Your survival plan will keep your home running smoothly, even if you aren’t!

…Plus Much More!

Get Your Family
To Help With Chores!

Stop Struggling To Do It ALL ALONE

Imagine a home where the children do their chores without nagging, there’s a fair division of labor and everyone understands and respects the work needed to keep a home running? This isn’t something from a Disney movie, it can be your reality!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like your family supports your desire to have a tidy home? Won’t it feel great to know that everyone is willing to help out because they know it’s important to you?

Just think about the spare time you will gain, maybe you’ll finally have time to take up that hobby of soap carving or navel fluff collecting?

And imagine how much more relaxing your home will feel. You’ll be working together as a team, all pulling in the same direction. You’ll feel a sense of purpose and cooperation that you haven’t felt before.

Hello There!

As the author behind the home cleaning and organization blog, LifesCarousel.com, and a former Professional Organizer, I have a lot of knowledge and experience on what is needed to maintain a clean and tidy home.

I understand what it’s like to fight with your family about a messy house (my ex-husband used to pee in the kitchen sink!).

And I’m very familiar with feelings of frustration at the mess and despair that you will never be able to have a tidy home (unlike my mother who would have given Martha Stewart a run for her money)! 

With my no-nonsense and practical style, I will guide you through the murky waters and take your home from chaos to calm! I will help you establish a cleaning routine that your whole family can stick to, so you can have a clean and clutter-free home to be proud of.

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